What Should I Digitise Photos Of?

If you have a very old or very new digital camera then you’ll want to know ‘how do I digitise photos of whisky ?’ There are lots of reasons that people may want to digitise their photos. Perhaps they want to preserve the original for posterity or perhaps they want to give their photographs a new look. Maybe they’re part of a club and want to be in with the ‘in’ group when it comes to photo transfers. Whatever the reason, if you have an old or new camera then you’ll want to know how do I digitise photos? Read on to find out how you can digitise your own photos and even print them out if you so choose.

Creating A Digital Collection

There are two ways to do this – one way is by using your imagination and creating a collage of your old photos. Try using the zoom function on your camera to get a close up view of each image and see which photograph has the best image quality. If you have a decent camera then you should be able to get a decent photo if you just tweak the settings a little. If not you’ll want to get yourself a good digital photo printer to print out your photo.

Digitising your old photos isn’t as hard as you might think it is. All you need to do is get yourself a good photo program such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, open the program, load your images, adjust the colours if necessary and save your photo. How easy can it get? It depends on how many pictures you want to digitise and how much time and effort you want to spend.

Digitise photos

Further Options

The second option is to use your own imagination and turn your old photos into something completely different. You can make collages from all of your old photos or go one step further and turn some of your old photographs into paintings or video animations. There are no limits to what you can do.

If you’re wondering “what should I digitise photos of?” the answer is that you shouldn’t. These pictures aren’t valuable enough to be worth putting online for free. If you really want to digitise them and put them online for free then you could try doing some advertising with your adsisting websites to try and get some extra traffic or word of mouth going around about your site.

Digitise photos


There are so many ways you can get creative with old photos. But, you really don’t want to over do it. Just think of all the things that you would be able to do with all those old photos if you had the time. One way to get ideas for what to digitise would be to open up your photo gallery in Photoshop and look at the photos that you own. What do you want to get out of those old photos?