The Perfect Rare Addition to Your Whisky Collection

Whisky collectors are always looking for old, rare whiskies to add to their collections. Adding to your whisky collection is a lifetime investment that will increase in value as it ages. Here are some of the most sought after rare malt whiskies that would be perfect for any collections.

Royal Brackla 1978

This whisky is an extremely rare vintage Royal Brackla and would make an excellent addition to any rare malt whisky collection. This whisky is part of The Rare Malts Selection, each individual whisky has been specially selected from Scotland’s finest single malt stock, including rare and silent distilleries. As this whisky is in The Rare Malts Selection it means that it is extremely rare and sought after by collectors.

This golden dram has a flowery aroma with a hint of ginger and is pale in colour. It is sweet in flavour with a rich bodies warmness, making it an impressive after dinner malt.


Ardbeg Supernova 2014 Committee Release

This Ardbeg whisky is known as “one of the most explosively flavoured, peatiest and sweet Arbegs ever” by whisky connoisseurs. The first edition of this whisky was first released in 2010 and was addressed as one of the world’s peatiest whiskies. When the newer edition was realised of this Supernova whisky in 1014, it quickly became one of the most sought after bottles of 2014. Over 3,000 bottles were realised in 1014, and it has now become of one the most wanted whiskies by collectors.

 Rare Malt Whisky

Springbank 11-Year-Old Madeira Wood

This extremely rare malt whisky is one that is extremely sought after by collectors. When producing this whisky, Springbank experimented with the distillation process and left the spirit in Madeira wood for 11 years. This unusual maturation experiment worked well for Springbank as it created a beautiful whisky.

This exquisite whisky has fabulous sweet and spicy flavours that work together to create a stunning whisky. 9090 bottles of this unique whisky were released and it is now a highly collectable, rare dram that would make a great addition to any whisky collection.

Inverleven Signatory Vintage 1977 27-Year-Old

This whisky is one of the rarest Scottish whisky available as the Inverleven distillery fell silent in 19991, making this dram a highly sought after bottle. There were only ever 173 bottles of this whisky ever produced, increasing its rarity in the whisky world. As this whisky is from one of Scotland’s lost distilleries, this bottle continues to appreciate in value every year.

This 27-year-old whisky was matured in a Bourbon barrel giving it a unique flavour and an alcohol percentage of 53%. This fine rare whisky would make the perfect addition to a rare whisky collection.

Scotch Whisky

Macallan 7-Year-Old

Macallan produced this dram for the Italian market by Giovinetti and Figli of Milan and was only ever made available on the Italian Market. For this reason, this whisky is extremely rare and would make a great addition to any rare whisky collector’s collection.

This is a must have for collectors as it an extremely rare bottling from Macallan. This whisky was matured in specially selected sherry wood for 7 years to give its unique flavour.


Adding to Your Collection

If you are looking to add to your rare collection of Scottish whiskies, then these fabulous whiskies would be perfect. Unique in their own way, each whisky has its own distinct flavour and history.