How to Get Organised This Christmas

We all know somebody who is always leaving everything to the last minute at Christmas. Perhaps that person is you. If you put off buying presents until the last minute then end up sprinting through overcrowded department store on Christmas Eve filled with regret and despair then this guide is for you. There is a solution to your problem and the hardest part is making a start. Although November is drawing to a close, it’s not too late! Follow this guide to get organised for Christmas so that you can enjoy those few days off work with your feet up.

Christmas present

Set a budget and Stick to It

One of the biggest worries people have it spending all their money at Christmas and getting in to debt. If you leave you gift buying until the last minute it is much more likely that you will end up spending more as you are out of options or time to shop around. First of all figure out who you are buying presents for. Don’t get carried away with this step. Be realistic and make a list of people you will give gifts too. Then work out how much money you can spare in to total on presents for other people. Remember to take into account that you will need some extra money for your own social events and you may want to buy a new outfit or two. Divide it by the number of people on your Christmas list and there you have it: your budget. Stick to this budget!


Start Browsing Now

Tonight when you get home from work get on to your laptop, tablet or smartphone and start looking at the different stores online. It is black Friday weekend which means there are probably sales starting now so you should be on the lookout for some great bargains. Make online accounts with the stores you are interested in so that you can add items to a wish list. This will allow you to go back and compare prices and different gift options. If you are really stuck for ideas for someone ask their other half or their parents or sibling. If you know someone who is close to or spends a lot of time with one of your Christmas present recipients, they will likely know what kind of gift they would enjoy.

Presents under a Christmas tree

Work Methodically Through Your List

Once you have bought something or ordered online make a note next to that person’s name on your list. Once you have spent your budget for someone and everything has arrived cross their name off the list. By having it in black and white in front of you it will make it more final and help alleviate the pressure from your mind.


Wrapping Paper

As a general rule try and buy your Christmas wrapping paper before December. Although this is an essential part of the Christmas gift giving tradition it is far too easy for it to slip your mind. The last thing you want is to sit down on Christmas Eve evening and you have nothing to wrap with. By purchasing all your wrapping paper, tags and cello tape before December you will have one less thing to worry about once the festive season starts.